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Diagnostics & assessments
Optimal organizational design
Improving operating cadence
Talent management
Modernizing communication protocols

Organizational Diagnostics

Our proprietary organizational diagnostics measure and benchmark over 60 performance metrics to give you an objective, quantifiable lens into your organization's greatest strengths and opportunities. From strategic alignment to operating model effectiveness, culture, and depth of purpose, our diagnostics help provide a roadmap to your team's future evolution and success.

Operating Models & Organizational Design


Great businesses rarely happen by accident. They require meticulous thought and planning to architect a healthy internal ecosystem with operating models that work efficiently and teams that both work together and stay agile. We will help you architect your business, focusing on team charters, workflows, and strategic alignment. And beyond the planning phase, we'll help you implement systems and programs that enable your teams to thrive and do the best work of their careers.


"Sean has this magical combination of helping our team focus on the most important issues of strategy and execution, while at the same time, holding the bar high for showing up as the best leaders we can.”

- Omri Dahan - Marqeta CRO -

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