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No one knows your business as well as you and your team, but have you translated that knowledge into a disciplined strategy? And are you truly aligned?

We help teams tap into their deep expertise to develop disciplined strategic scenarios Together, and align on how to navigate changes.



We have decades of experience in strategic planning and will bring rigor and clarity to your strategic planning process.

Our strategy work ranges from business plans and fundraising to product and go-to-market strategies. We can lead you and your team through market assessments, scenario-based planning, company positioning, and more.

Whatever the focal point of your planning, we'll help you and your team think objectively, stay disciplined, and develop outcome-driven strategies that focus on your biggest opportunities.  



In the age of remote work and distributed workforces, the importance of effective offsites has never been higher. Volition Partners has deep expertise and experience in designing and facilitating transformative offsites from a few hours to multiple days. We'll work with you in advance to ensure the design delivers the outcomes you need and then guide the offsite itself so you and your team can focus on your participation and contributions to the work.

To learn more about our approach to offsites, please request a copy of our detailed Guide to Transformational Offsites


"Sean has this magical combination of helping our team focus on the most important issues of strategy and execution, while at the same time, holding the bar high for showing up as the best leaders we can.”

- Omri Dahan - Marqeta CRO -

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