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No matter what you need help with, we look at organizational alignment first. Progress cannot be made without it. We have expertise in all the core areas of importance for a high-performance organization: strategic planning, operating model design and culture development

Often when we are hired to address one of these areas, we discover that these other factors are integral to the core issue. That's where our multifaceted knowledge from a combined 55 years of experience comes in.



  • Strategic planning and alignment

  • Mission & purpose ideation

  • GTM strategy and analysis

  • M&A planning and integration 

  • Offsites and workshops

  • Organizational pivots and reorgs



  • Operational alignment

  • Diagnostics & assessments

  • Optimal organizational design

  • Improving operating cadence

  • Talent management

  • Modernizing communication protocols


  • Team alignment

  • Leadership dynamics and development

  • Establishing and embracing company values

  • Improving meeting culture

  • Change management


"Sean has this magical combination of helping our team focus on the most important issues of strategy and execution, while at the same time, holding the bar high for showing up as the best leaders we can.”

- Omri Dahan - Marqeta CRO -

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