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We formed Volition Partners out of our shared passion to help companies embrace their purpose and perform more effectively through strategic, operational and cultural alignment. We bring together the best practices of management, strategy development, organizational design, and leadership development to build companies and teams that work together, with clarity and passion. 


  • Strategic, operational, and cultural alignment is the foundation of all high-performance teams

  • Companies are fundamentally dynamic ecosystems. Change and evolution are constant - and necessary

  • Teams perform at their best when the individuals are connected by a shared purpose

  • Organizations thrive when people thrive - and rarely when they don’t


Dave williams,
founding partner


30 years of driving innovation and growth from startups to Fortune 500s

At my core, I am a builder and an innovator. Before starting Volition Partners, I spent a 30-year career creating and launching products that ranged from Goldschlager, CitySearch, DoubleClick, and Rhapsody Music. I’ve helped found, grow, and sell companies with 10s of millions of customers in roles that include CMO, COO, and CEO, and run a successful digital division of Viacom. Throughout every one of those experiences, my orientation is always “What will it take to make this happen?” And the answer is always people; building teams of motivated, well-aligned humans who share a passion for making a change in the world.

At Volition Partners, I’ve turned my attention to helping others succeed. My passion is creating environments where people can show up, be inspired and do the best work of their careers. To find the alignment, resonance, and camaraderie that enables them to thrive as individuals - and their companies to soar.

founding partner

A career spent discerning how organizations can unleash human potential.

From my first job, working as a counselor in transitional housing for individuals with addiction and mental health issues, it was obvious that organizations often create barriers to human performance and fulfillment, rather than unleash them.  I’ve spent the past 25 years working with hundreds of leadership teams, navigating the myriad of challenges in creating high performing organizations. Through that experience, I have discovered a core set of truths about what drives organizational performance and individual satisfaction.

My purpose has become to impart these ideas (and expand them!) with my clients to help them achieve their ambitions AND to do it in a way that alleviates the unnecessary stress and suffering common in most organizations. My hope is that in my wake, and that of Volition Partners, we leave a trail of organizations that are high performing and places where people can thrive.  I mean, my 4 kids are going to have to work somewhere, and I want it to be a place where they can be at their best.



Leveraging data and unique organizational strengths to inspire and drive change.

As a Peace Corps Volunteer in the South Pacific, to my time at IDEO developing digital tools that foster innovation and collaboration (and all the steps in between!), I’ve witnessed how effective teams can accomplish more than the sum of their parts…. but also what can stand in the way of that.

Providing trustworthy and actionable recommendations requires a deep and empathetic dive into an organization’s culture, leadership, and operations. I nerd out surfacing nuanced insights from data and interviews, weaving those together with organizational behavior, holistic systems, and a human-centered lens. My on-the-ground experience is bolstered with a Masters in Organization Development (MSOD) from the University of San Francisco, where I graduated with honors.

When I’m away from my desk, you can find me Lindy Hopping (swing dancing), meditating, practicing Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and partnering in creative collaborations.


Volition Partners Advisory Board

Volition Partner's is advised by a group of outstanding business thinkers and doers who have inspired us in our work and our lives over many years


"Sean has this magical combination of helping our team focus on the most important issues of strategy and execution, while at the same time, holding the bar high for showing up as the best leaders we can.”

- Omri Dahan - Marqeta CRO -

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