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Volition Index 

The Volition Index is the result of decades of work in company leadership and organizational development.

Our focus is to objectively measure non-financial performance indicators that we believe are the most predictive of future performance. Volition Index scores are designed to put your company scores into broader context and to help answer the questions “What does good look like?”, and “What should I be aiming towards?” No company is perfect in all areas, so the index is intended to help you prioritize, versus provide a definitive rating or “grade.”


While no survey tool can measure every possible variable that goes into creating company success, we believe that high scores in the Core Four are highly indicative of the potential for future growth and performance. 


Index scores are based on extensive data collected from past organizational diagnostics over several years. In addition to historical data from our past consulting work, we have incorporated input from dozens of CEOs, interviewed leading VCs, and consulted with a broad array of research experts, HR leaders, and academics at top business schools to refine our Core Four selections. To the greatest extent possible, we selected the only those measures that have been shown to directly correlate to future company performance.


Our index is currently in beta-testing and will be updated regularly as we roll out the Volition Index Core Four to more companies.

Companywide diagnostics

We’ve designed the Core Four to be fast, simple, and cost-effective to execute companywide. Our surveys require minimal input to initiate, and the analysis can usually be completed within two weeks with three simple steps.

Step 1. Schedule a short discovery call

We'll ensure we are capturing the data you need, such as comparisons across specific functions or locations, and discuss any other more specific needs


Step 2. Deploy the customized survey to your team

The standard Core Four survey for your company will be ready within 2 business days of our discovery call. Typical employee completion time for the survey is under 10 minutes/person and we recommend providing team members one week to complete the survey.


Step 3: Receive our customized report

The report includes:

  • A company-wide scorecard indexed against our Core Four performance database

  • An analysis of key differences in scores by function or role (as determined in our initial meeting)

  • Key insights and actionable recommendations from our in-person review of your data.


Following the report completion, we will also be available to schedule an optional readout meeting with you and your team to discuss the findings and our recommendations.

ADD-On Modules &

Our Volition Index Core Four survey can be easily customized with supplemental question modules, open-ended questions or a combination of surveys and qualitative interviews with your team to draw out color and context around the data.

Contact us to inquire about customizing your Volition Index diagnostic

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