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Successful companies intentionally shape their culture through their leader’s actions and behaviors, not just words.

We help leadership teams come together to commit to a common set of values and behaviors
and hold each other accountable to those values in their day to day actions and decisions. 

Leadership Development Workshops

We recognize that business and leadership skills need to be developed and nurtured over time. Much of that can come from the hands-on experience of "doing the work" together, but there are times when universal skills development can take a team to the next level of alignment. Our workshops include focused training in areas as diverse as practicing "radical candor", using Agile principles cross-functionally, and leveraging goal-setting frameworks such as OKRs to establish strategic alignment. Our workshops are modular and highly customizable so we'll design a one-off or full curriculum to address just those areas that matter most to you.

Please contact us for a copy of our high-performance team workshop curriculum or to book a free consultation to discuss your needs in more detail.  

CEO Coaching & Advisory Services


Volition Partners believes that building scalable companies begins with aligned, effective and scaleable leadership. Our approach to leadership development is hands-on, practical advice and support versus traditional "inquiry-based" executive coaching. We're there to provide CEOs with objective, time tested advice, and also to craft the systems, frameworks and actions that will lead to concrete progress.

Our coaching and advisory work covers topics ranging from fundraising strategy and board management to managing team dynamics and developing personal leadership skills. We view our role as your coach as quite simply making you more successful as a leader of your company. When the situation calls for it, we will team-coach, tapping individual coaches and advisors with specific domain expertise. 

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