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Invitation Only
Building Trust
at Scale

An event for elite leaders of high-growth organizations

with Volition Partners and Dan Doty

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trust is foundational

Entrepreneurs give everything they have to their business - it is a passion project, a labor of love.   And... an innovative idea plus passion is not sufficient for success.  Building a successful company to bring passionate innovation to life is a multi-faceted affair and one that fails more than it succeeds.

Having worked across hundreds of companies, we have seen one common driver of performance and success… TRUST. Many of us have had trusting bonds within teams that make us feel capable of extraordinary accomplishments.  And, we’ve seen where broken trust leads to exhaustive infighting, misalignment, and stagnation.


Nowhere is the power of trust clearer than at a fast-growing startup, where speed, agility, and team alignment are the difference between massive success and crushing defeat. Trusting relationships between leaders - and the psychological safety they engender - is essential for success. The good news is, trust is a variable you can control.


Together with Dan Doty, a nationally renowned practitioner of somatic coaching and group development processes, We have constructed a two-day event for a small group of leaders to immerse themselves in a process that will yield breakthroughs in their ability to create trust at scale within their organizations. It will be personally transformative and ultimately enable outsized success for their companies.

We invite you to join us


Dan Doty

Writer, guide, teacher

Founder of the national movement Evryman, Dan has led retreats, hosted a paradigm-shifting podcast, and had the fortune to give talks around the world on masculinity, fatherhood, and spirituality. Dan has spent substantial time as a wilderness therapy guide, an inner-city high school teacher, and directed and produced over 50 episodes of the hit hunting show MeatEater.

Dan’s work with leaders goes to the core of what makes each of us trustworthy – our willingness to be vulnerable and authentic with others.  His deep expertise in helping leaders access those capacities has created massive breakthroughs in our clients – profound personal transformations that inevitably lead to business breakthroughs.

Volition Partners

The team at Volition Partners has collectively led hundreds of senior teams to higher performance, as consultants and as leaders and operators, themselves.  They seamlessly weave together personal transformation and business performance with their clients. 


Through their own experience of ‘sitting in circle’ in personal growth experiences and leading others through similar terrain, they have developed a deep facility with helping others find the connection between their own inner health and integrity, and their performance as leaders.


Their chosen focus is working with early stage and growth stage leadership teams because they believe that those leaders occupy a unique place in the world of work.  Leading in those environments demands an intense focus on driving outstanding team performance, while laying the foundation for a healthy culture.   That is a combination that few pull off successfully, and Volition is committed to enabling their clients to do the relatively impossible.


This leadership event is the culmination of decades of experience, insight and passion.

"[Volition] has this magical combination of helping our team focus on the most important issues of strategy and execution, while at the same time, holding the bar high for showing up as the best leaders we can.”

Omri Dahan - Marqeta CRO

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